Amanda designs professional development workshops for classroom teachers, dance teachers, and parents

Workshops available in person or online

Topics include:

  • Alexander Technique
  • BrainDance
  • Brain Compatible Lesson Planning and Presenting
  • Zoom Fatigue
  • Reducing Performance Anxiety
  • Our Amazing Body: Making Anatomy Fun
  • Why don’t my students sit up straight? Chairs and Student Performance
  • Movement Strategies to Support Focus in the Classroom
  • Stress Busters:  How You Move Can Change Your Mood
  • Take Care of your Back While You Take Care of Your Students
  • Alexander Technique and Dance for People Living with Parkinson’s

BrainDance Workshops for Teachers

A dynamic, on your feet workshop in which teachers will learn what the BrainDance is, why it is important, and how to incorporate it into your classroom to support all your other teaching. You will learn BrainDance variations for all ages and populations and will practice teaching each other so you are comfortable and ready to apply the work in your own classroom.

Alexander Technique Workshops designed for:

Stress & Anxiety, Zoom Fatigue, Student Focus, Musicians, Actors, Dancers, Athletes

Learn about the principles of the Alexander Technique and how to apply them in your life. This workshop can include both a group interactive workshop and individual private lessons.

Recent Workshops: