HUMANUAL by Betsy Polatin. I am currently reading sections from this book during my Wednesday “Take A Break” class. This brilliant manual for the human being is a clear and comprehensive approach to self-knowledge, including prompts for self-exploration.  Buy from



The Alexander Technique for Musicians by Judith Kleinman with Peter Buckocke. After taking a workshop with Judith last year, I have begun using this book with my students who are musicians. Judith offers many ideas for exploration with humor, encouragement, and a sense of fun. Buy from




Dance and the Alexander Technique by Rebecca Nettl-Fiol and Luc Vanier. I first met Becky and Luc at a dance educator’s conference. I was flipping through this book at the book stand and the person beside me said, “If you’re interested in that, they’re teaching a workshop tomorrow.” I attended the workshop and we’ve been friends ever since. Later I studied with Luc in grad school and I continue to attend his workshops on the Framework for Integration.  This book is a fantastic way to explore the Dart Procedures and apply them to dance. Instructional photos throughout. Buy from


Body Learning by Michael Gelb. This is a great book for beginners. Gelb wrote this book based on his master’s thesis. It is an easy to understand description of what Gelb calls the “Operational Ideas” of the Alexander Technique. Many university teachers use this in their courses. Gelb is also the author of How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci. Buy from




Smart Yoga by David Moore. I’ll be referring to this book during my special group AT for yoga class in November & December 2020. In this book, David Moore offers helpful insights into how the Alexander Technique can be used to develop and safer and more effective Yoga practice. Buy from