Alexander Technique

“Amanda is open-minded, gracious, and easy to work with. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her students love her as a teacher, and her students and colleagues take what she teaches seriously. She is not simply interested in teaching movement; she recognizes the need to approach the subject critically, to formulate new ways of conveying concepts, and then inspire her students to take responsibility to learn and explore on their own.”

– Ted Dimon, The Dimon Institute, New York City

“And my voice has completely flourished with my professor even stating that he is shocked at how much my voice has really changed in the 9 or so weeks we have been working this term so far. 

-DePaul School of Music student

“Working with Amanda has deepened my overall self-awareness, helped me stay present and embodied and acquire new tools to communicate more effectively with myself and others. Applying the principles of Alexander Technique to my voice and instrument studies has given me more ease in performing and overall enjoyment of music. Amanda is a skilled, empathetic and wise instructor who empowers her students with the confidence and the techniques they need to succeed.”
– DG, Chicago, IL

“Alexander lessons have helped bring together and connect all the other body work methods I’ve used.  Massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy are all great but stay in their little boxes.  Since I started Alexander lessons all the other methods have felt even more beneficial. I am able to breathe and move with much more ease after a lesson”.

– Rachel Rosenblatt, Evanston, IL

Movement for Actors

“When I first met Amanda I was quickly impressed by her passion for teaching and her desire to create and continue to improve the curriculum, shaping her teaching to give as much individual attention as possible in the context of group classes.”

 – Janis Powell, Dir. Of the Evening Division and Core Faculty
American Academy of Dramatic Art, New York, NY

If I had to single out one of the classes that directly facilitated my understanding and application of an actor’s physicality, and my own body, it would be Amanda’s class!  Her innate ability to pinpoint what a student needs and how to get them to work at their optimum level is truly rare.  She was as beautifully adept at teaching us dance as she was helping us to use our bodies in a safe way, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the unique process of acting.  Her passion for the success of her students and her incredible wealth of knowledge and experience are evident in every aspect of her work.  Several years into my acting career, I still use her warm up and apply her techniques!

-Jennifer Fouche, Actor
“Mama Morton”, Broadway National Tour of CHICAGO

“Before enrolling in the Academy, I was very aware of a couple of posture problems that I had. I tried different techniques and exercises to correct them, but it wasn’t until Amanda showed me the correct way to deal with them that I started noticing significant improvement. Now I can say with confidence that I have almost reached my desired level of proper posture, all with the help of Amanda and from her individual attention and encouragement. Amanda has been a wonderful teacher and a great influence on my career. She was one of the highlights of the Academy!”

-Constantinos Papadakis, Former Student
American Academy of Dramatic Art, New York, NY

BrainDance Teacher Workshop

I was very impressed when Amanda introduced the BrainDance material to our staff during an in-service day. She understood that adults can be pretty nervous when out of their comfort zone and eased the group by making jokes and keeping the group moving. I feel like Amanda made a conscious effort to keep the sharing of information and participation fun and exciting and as a participant I could really feel her honest excitement for the material she was teaching.  By sharing her passion in an honest way while still understanding that many of her peers might be nervous, she really created a comfortable environment where quickly everyone was able to drop their guard and enjoy learning.

-Nate Lyons, Dir. of Physical Education
Near North Montessori School, Chicago, IL

Brain Compatible Dance Classes for Children

“Hey, Amanda, guess what? We did BrainDance during our testing today!”

“How did it make you feel?”

“Good. Relaxing. Not so scared anymore.”

“It calmed me down. Because I was really excited, especially the first day, so it helped me focus.”

-Two of Amanda’s 3rd grade students
Near North Montessori School, Chicago, IL

“Thanks so much Amanda. Pure joy. [My daughter] loves to dance because of you.”

– Carole, mother of a 2nd grade student

Chicago Lights Dance Academy

“I have known Amanda for 9 years. She is an exceptional leader who is results-oriented and responsive to the needs of her colleagues. Amanda is dependable and great at multi-tasking and prioritizing her work. She is great at inspiring others to do their best. She knows how to make educational stakeholders feel valued and supported. She has a passion for her students, and knows how to help them and their families overcome challenges through the performing arts.”

 – Cescily Washington, Former Director, Chicago Lights Dance Academy