Spark by John J. Ratey, MD. This incredible book talks about what happens in our brains as we exercise, how movement prepares the brain for learning, and what kinds of movement are more effective. Includes case studies, including the P.E. department in Naperville, IL. I refer to this book over and over again. Buy from



Creative Dance for All Ages by Anne Green Gilbert. This is one of several books by the incredible Anne Green Gilbert, creator of the BrainDance. It includes information about theory and methodology, plus lesson plans for multiple age groups and locations. The exercises and dance prompts in this book will give you years of material to explore. I have studied with Anne in person and use this book among others for creating lessons for students and for teaching teachers. Buy from



Smart Moves by Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. This book was first recommended to me by Anne Green Gilbert. Hannaford advocates more enlightened educational practices for homes and schools including: a more holistic view of each learner; less emphasis on rote learning; more experiential, active instruction; less labeling of learning disabilities; more physical movement; more personal expression through arts, sports and music; less prescribing of Ritalin and other drugs whose long term effects are not even known. Buy from