What is Movement Pattern Analysis?

In the modern workplace, there is a growing awareness that more diversity creates better outcomes. Many organizations have begun to prioritize diversity hires, looking at factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual identity. However, there is another kind of diversity that is often overlooked. That diversity is people’s decision-making style.

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Each person has patterns and preferences as they go about the decision-making process. They also have patterns and preferences in the way they interact with others during the various stages of the decision-making process. When these processes are not understood, differences in style can cause misunderstandings and conflict. Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) provides a framework for understanding human diversity by bringing these preferences to awareness. When you are analyzed, you learn the MPA framework and how your cognitive preferences fit into it.

MPA is not a test of personality or intelligence and it is not a predictor of success. The analysis process does not require a person to be self-aware, honest in their answers, or even be in a good mood during the interview. Additionally, there is no “good” or “bad” profile. Instead, MPA is a measure of personal preferences in decision making, based on observable, sub-conscious movement patterns. Your analysis will provide you with an understanding of your unique profile. When you become aware of these preferences, you can leverage your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. When you need to collaborate, you will better understand interactions with your colleagues so that you can choose actions that build more satisfactory and effective teamwork.

I’d like to be analyzed. How does it work?

The Movement Pattern Analyst will make an appointment to interview you. It is important that you set aside 2 hours for the appointment. Please wear close fitting but comfortable clothes. Avoid black, navy blue, or white. The analyst will interview you on video camera. The video remains private. The client may request a copy or to have it deleted after the analysis is complete.

The analyst will then review your video to analyze your movement and write an individualized report based on your unique movement patterns. A second appointment will be made in which you will receive your report and a full review of the contents. Follow-up coaching may be arranged.

How do I turn my individual analysis into a team analysis?

You can arrange for your whole team to be analyzed. Each individual in the team will be interviewed, receive their individual MPA report and review with the analyst. Next, the analyst will create a team composite with a report. The team will gather and receive their team analysis as a group, including coaching based on how their profiles interact.

Can you come talk to my team so that we can learn more?

Yes. You can schedule a workshop on the Frameworks for Action and Interaction. This information can be helpful even before you receive your individual analysis.

For pricing and to schedule an appointment, please email Amanda at: abmacd53@gmail.com.