Movement Pattern Analysis is a measure of cognitive processes based on observable, sub-conscious movement patterns.


Why Movement Pattern Analysis?

In the modern workplace, there is a growing awareness that more diversity creates better outcomes. Many organizations have begun to prioritize diversity hires, looking at factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual identity. However, there is another kind of diversity that is often overlooked. That diversity is they way people make decisions and interact with each other.

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What MPA Is:     

You have specific, repeating preferences in the way you make decisions and in the way you interact with others. These preferences come from your cognitive processes, the way your brain works, and they stabilized once you reached adulthood. When you and the people around you do not understand these preferences, misunderstandings and conflict can result. Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) will show you your preferences and how to leverage your strengths for better outcomes in your work and personal life. 

What MPA is NOT:     

MPA is not a test of personality or intelligence and it is not a predictor of success. The interview does not require you to be self-aware, honest in your answers, or even be in a good mood during the interview. Additionally, there is no “good” or “bad” profile. All profiles have strengths, and once you know what yours are you can use them to your advantage.

I’d like to be analyzed. How does it work?

The Movement Pattern Analyst will make an appointment to interview you. Be sure to arrange 2 hours for your interview so that your analysis will be accurate. After the interview, the analyst will write an individualized report based on your unique movement patterns. A second appointment will be made in which you will receive your report and a full review of the contents. Follow-up consulting may be arranged.

How do I turn my individual analysis into a team analysis?

You can arrange for your whole team to be analyzed. First, each individual on the team will be interviewed and will review their MPA report with the analyst. Next, the analyst will create a team composite and report. Finally, the analyst will present the team analysis to the group, including coaching on how to leverage the strengths and interaction preferences of the team.

Can you come talk to my team so that we can learn more?

Yes. You can schedule a workshop to learn the MPA Framework. This information can be helpful even before you receive your individual and team analysis .

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