Workshops can be designed to support the teachers, the students, or both.

Topics include:

Alexander Technique


Movement Strategies for the Classroom

Our Amazing Body: Making Anatomy Fun

Why don’t my students sit up straight? Chairs and Student Performance

Reducing Performance Anxiety

Stress Busters:  How You Move Can Change Your Mood

Head Balance for Healthy Movement

Take Care of your Back While You Take Care of Your Students

Alexander Technique and Dance for People Living with Parkinson’s

BrainDance Workshops for Teachers

A dynamic, on your feet workshop in which teachers will learn what the BrainDance is, why it is important, and how to incorporate it into your classroom to support all your other teaching. You will learn BrainDance variations for all ages and populations and will practice teaching each other so you are comfortable and ready to apply the work in your own classroom.

Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Learn about the principles of the Alexander Technique and how to apply them in your life. This workshop can include both a group interactive workshop and individual private lessons.

Alexander Technique and Dance

Head Balance for Healthy Movement: Tools for the Dancer and Dance Teacher

Alexander Technique and Movement for Actors

Learn to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to vocal production, creating physical character, dance class and movement auditions. This work is best as an ongoing workshop or a set series of classes.

Alexander Technique for Musicians and Music Teachers

Learn to use your internal spirals to support your instrument and breath. Learn AT tools for stage fright and anxiety.

Alexander Technique Lessons

Amanda also offers 30 and 55 minute private lessons West Bucktown and Winnetka. Please call her at 312.823.2224 or email for an appointment.

Previous Workshops Presented to:

Taylorsville High School, UT (3 master classes: Alexander Technique, Creating Physical Character, Fosse)

Bay Area Parkinson’s Support Group (teacher training)

Crescendo Academy of Music, Kalamazoo, MI  (Workshops for Musicians and Music Teachers)

Hip Circle Studio, Evanston, IL (open to the public)

Near North Montessori School, Chicago, IL (3 teacher workshops, 1 student workshop)

New Trier High School Dance Department, Winnetka, IL (teacher workshop)

Ogilvie Elementary School, CPS, Chicago, IL (teacher workshop)

Summer Dance Institute for Teachers, Creative Dance Center, Seattle, WA (teacher workshop)

Willow Wood Pre-School, Winnetka, IL (teacher workshop)