Resources for adults and children from “Change the Story”

The Curse of the Good Girl – For Parents: A great book about girl culture. Includes ideas for conversation between Moms and Daughters, and how Moms can be good models for breaking out of the good girl curse.

In Sheep’s Clothing – For Adults and Teenagers: The book was a game changer for me. It describes the difference between aggressive behavior and aggressive personalities and gives concrete steps for how to hold your boundaries with people who have aggressive personalities.

Stick Up For Yourself – For Parents to read with their Children! (There’s also a version for teachers) – This book is fantastic for parents and kids, even young kids, to read together. It promotes discussion about how to deal with emotions and what healthy assertiveness looks like. I began reading it at bedtime with my daughter when she was 7 years-old.

Cool, Calm, and Confident – A great workbook filled with exercises you can do with your children and/or students.